Monday, January 30, 2006

India, Indian - the brand

From the time they began the Indian institutes of technology and the Indian institute of Management have carved out a name for themselves. The names of institutes with the prefix Indian is synomymous with high quality, government run institutions. The Indian institute of information technology is another new institutes with the prefix Indian.

There are quite a few public sector companies with the word India or India in it, signifying the ownership (or interest) of the government of India. Not all of them are best in class. "Indian" (now without the airlines) is not exactly known for the best quality of service. Indian railways likewise is at best a people mover and nothing more. Some smart people have, in the meantime, prefixed otherwise nondescript names with the name "Indian" to generate high recall.

Indian and India is a brand. If some company or institute wants to use it in its tagline, it should be charged for it. Tata sons charges a royalty from every Tata company for the use of its brand name and has cracked down on the misuse of the Tata name. The Indian government can use this example and place a premium on the use of the name Indian and charge users for the same. Misuse of the Indian brand name should also be punished. After all, it is a brand name that has high recall and value associated with it and we cannot let unscrupulous individuals capitalise on it.


chitgo said...

India Brand Equity Foundation :)

Paddy said...

Incidently, government of India is in the process of enacting a law that prohibits private institutions and private bodies to use the brand name Indian.

Infact one of the primary concerns of schools like the ISB (indian school of Business) is whether they would be allowed the use of word indian.

i think let them use it , but pay for it

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paddy here. Use the name Indian, but adhere to "standards" and pay for it and face the risk of losing the right to use the name if certain standards are not met.

The ISB, for example is a good school. I would classify the IIPM as one of those who are trying to use a name sounding like IIM with the word Indian.