Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Manual toll collection

On this particular bridge across the creek between New Bombay and Bombay is the best toll collection mechanism I have seen, apart from perhaps, ez pass. No manual collection center or automated basket system I have seen betters the speed with which this manual system works. The toll fee on this particular bridge is 25 rupees and if you show your currency note a moment before you stop momentarily for payment, the person in the picture (or his colleagues) will be ready with the receipt and the change. I have never seen them grumble nor seen traffic held up at this toll centre.

Again, this is one of the applications of a labour surplus economy. Sure automated solutions would have been possible, but the trouble of getting them work across multicultural, multilingual populations takes some doing. For now, a small army of people manages this toll centre and does its job wonderfully well.

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IndianPad said...

Damn! I wish I could say the same about toll systems in US. Some of them are automated and you will see people fumble with change and totally screw up the traffic. The people at manned booths also seem pretty disinterested in this dead-end job.