Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mental poverty

In my previous post, I had mentioned about the toll bridge with the efficient manual toll collection system. Around this toll bridge is a village with dug up roads which if one takes, the toll can be avoided. (Even as I write about this, I am sure CIDCO is working out a method to prevent this). There are many who take this circuitious route to avoid paying the 25 rupee toll. Among them are taxi drivers, tempo drivers and the like. Also are people who own big expensive cars. When one can pay a few lakhs for a car, why cant they pay a measly 25 rupees for a toll that has resulted in better infrastructure and better flyovers in the city? These are also the kind of people who will park in a bylane so that they can avoid a 5 or 10 rupee parking ticket. To put things in perspective 50 rupees or so is the cost of a single litre of petrol.

Why are some people mentally poor? They will spend on an expensive dinner, but avoid paying toll or a parking fee? I am not sure what makes them so? There are educated people who will spit on the roads, throw away the wrappers of takeaways on the road while keeping their own cars and houses clean. (NIMBY phenomenon at work). Cultural training, etiquette and awareness is sometimes (many a times) independent of education.

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Anonymous said...

I guess its more of an human instinct most people never want to give up on cheap bargains even though they are being penny wise pound foolish. This is a pretty common sight.
Here in US you can see people driving miles to find a gas station where the gas might be cheaper by a few pennies than the one right infornt of their home even though all they save might be at the most 1 dollar but what they dont realize is that they spent more than what they saved in the way of their time spent and the gas used to reach there.
So when people avoid using the bridge to save 25 bucks they would be spening more time driving through the village roads which would also cause more wear and tear to their cars and burn more oil.