Monday, January 30, 2006

Railway stations and jaywalking

So, how does one prevent people from jaywalking across railway tracks which is a perennial problem in India, more so in hutment littered Bombay. Heres how.
One - prevent the jaywalking option as shown in the first pic by fencing, planting trees and making it difficult to jaywalk.
Second - provide, as shown in the second picture by providing a subway.

It is human tendency to ignore overbridges (climb up followed by climb down) and use subways (climb down then climb up), so it is smarter to take the railway lines up and send the people from below. Much like the way it has been seen on roads in India. People simply never use foot overbridges over roads, unless they look good (I dont have the picture to one of best looking overbridges in Juinagar, Navi Mumbai, but you can see it here.)

So what do you do? Provide subways and let the people go under the road or rail as the case may be.

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