Monday, January 16, 2006

Shaving cream containers

A shaving cream container is liable to kept in a place where there is moisture, typically in bathrooms. Anybody would provide for that or so you would think.

The Gillette shaving cream container that I have has rusted all over and spoilt my glass shelf. I have remedied it with an "interim solution", but my point is, shouldn't Gillette have thought of this? Atleast they could have a plastic bottom that does not pass on the rust to the shelf? (and this indeed is my interim solution; I have taken a plastic bottle lid and made the shaving cream container sit on the lid. Problem solved for the present)


Kaps said...

fully agree with u. have had the same experience.

Anonymous said...

Well, you cannot pass on rust. It is the water that rusted your glass shelf, and not the cream container, that also rusted.

Yes, a cover on the shelf will help.