Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The mobile revolution in India, on which lots has been written about, researched about and talked about seems to have an unlikely casuality. The ubiquitous yellow coloured STD (Subsriber trunk dialing), ISD (International subscriber dialing) booths that dot bus stations, train stations and many other descript and non-descript landmarks.

There was a time when just before and after journeys, travellers would scramble to inform home that they had reached safely. So, there was this huge business that sprouted outside railway and bus stations that capitalized on the need of the travellers to inform their family/friends et al. Like in all legitimate opportunities, there were unscrupulous vendors who rigged the electronic timer so that it would jump to the next higher rate once the phone was cut or simply made the timer run a little fast.

It must be remembered that these yellow booths were the result of a previous revolution. The STD revolution, prior to which to book an inter state call, one had to book a call and the telephone exchange would call you and so on. It was known as the trunk call and involved talking at full lung power. These booths created a good business opportunity while at the same time "connected India".

But with the advent of cellphones and low rates of calling, these booths are used by only a select few - those without cellphones, those without roaming, those who lose their phones and so on. Heres a dated article that talks about this at length.


Kanwal said...

It seems that the lowering rates will stop pretty soon. Excellent link here - An impediment to falling call rates in india - ADC

rocksea said...

ya it was reported that the cell phone companies are at huge debt trying to keep the prices low. and india's is one of the lowest rates it seems. so therez no other option that to increase the calling rates.

remembering the old days, nostalgic :) telephone wasnt much a part of life then. now people are pretty much connected but they seem to get farther n farther as more we get closer technically..

Deep's Corner said...

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