Thursday, October 08, 2009

Walking - a digression

Over the past few years, I have become a big fan of walking. I try to walk as much as I can - definitely around the place I live in and often combine public transport and walks to reach my destination. Apart from the obvious benefit of fitness, heres what I love about it.

As I walk in the morning, I can see the "morningers" do their job. The car wash guy with a few swings of his hand wipes the cars with the same urgency that the cars display on the road. Then there is the milkman dropping off milk, a liter here and half a liter there hoping he has not made a mistake. The paper wallah is busy sorting out his different papers for households. The ironing guy is coaxing his coals to light up. Dogs lie on the ground, asleep, but only just; alert enough to bark at the some intruder whose presence is triggered by smell on their sensitive nostrils. Small fires busily warm up their surroundings which is usually a huddle of men wrapped in wool kambals. The sun lazily wakes up, first peering through a few clouds before showing up in full resplendence.

  • Explore your surroundings - whether near your residence or at a tourist spot or anywhere else where you are. Nothing like a morning walk to explore places around you - both in terms of speed and in terms of nature.
  • You are your own company - unless you are walking with someone and if it is not conversation, it is a conversation with yourself, clearing your mind, freeing your mind and just being in the present. I love this particular aspect - company or no company.
  • Slow down - ultimately you will reach back only at the speed that you walk and if you walk a long distance one way and return (unlike going round and round in a park) - you cannot speed up. You have to get used to the pace of walking.
  • Walking with songs - I don't particularly enjoy it, but there are times when I like to listen to music - especially if I am walking in the park and I have to listen intently to a few songs.
  • Talking over the phone - this is something I quite like - it is almost as good as having the person near and with handsfree it does not spoil the experience one bit. It can be distracting though - as would listening to songs, so choose a spot with less traffic or where you don't disturb others.
  • Once you are used to walking, walking anywhere is an option. A radius of about 2 kms one way around your place of residence is an easy walk away. The max I have walked is perhaps about 10 odd kms one way (and then I took the bus back home)

What are you waiting for then? Put on those walking shoes and walk...

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purple pitara said...

for once - i totally agree with u! was in the outskirts of Madurai for a workshop and walked around to explore the place. lovely rocks and some jain caves.