Monday, January 09, 2006

Will we see the end of these buses?

From Indian Express

...City and inter-state buses, run by private operators and state-owned companies across the country, would soon have to meet minimum safety and comfort standards before getting a permit to hit the road...

Read the full piece, but this is one, I am pretty sure will be opposed, delayed and badly executed. Why?

Because the maxi-cabs which are essentially cheap bus bodies on old truck chassis, 3 wheeler polluting noisy passenger carriers (Pune traffic is in the sorry state it is partly because of these junks) which run as jitney bus services are usually owned by "powerful" people and they are popularised by the "power"ful people as avenues for employment (including children, sadly). Bangalore has perhaps a thousand of these rickety contraptions on the roads. About a thousand people are crammed into a single bus in defiance of all safey norms. Why? Because the people cant get enough government buses. Why? Because the government (or somebody else) does not run adequate state transport buses. On certain routes buses miraculaously disappear during peak hours. So, it is a route to make money on maxi cab permits. And anything that hits on the bulging money bags of these people will be lobbied, countered and delayed as much as possible.

But lets hope that we dont have see these on the roads for long.

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silverine said...

What about routes where all the buses of that route move in a convoy frustrating passengers and schedules? The whole sytem is against the common man.