Monday, February 20, 2006

How to get users to pay for your ad?

But thats whats been happening for a while in India. Of course, people dont realise it or perhaps dont think about it that way.

Heres how you do it. (Caveat: It may or may not work.)

Create a nice jingle for your product. Airtel, Maruti Alto (for instance).
You are lucky if people begin to like it. (otherwise your plan is gone kaput.) One way of doing it, like Airtel did, is to use an uber composer like AR Rehman to compose their tune. The tune, needless to say, is a household tune even a couple of years after it was composed. Titan (with their now household tune) is a good candidate.

Now, on your ads (print or tv or anywhere), just write, SMS XYZC (or something) to download the ringtone of your product.

Users pay anything between 4 rupees to 6 rupees to download a ringtone, that is actually your advertisement!

The user can receive a call in a crowded train, bus, party anywhere and IT IS YOUR AD thats playing (and the user has paid for it)!

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Anonymous said...

or did you notice zee saregama or indian idol? i wondered to learn the program receices few million smses. at whatever the price they charge, zee or sony tv make huge money. several ways to fool people.