Saturday, February 11, 2006

No blog like Seths

Truly, there is no blog (for me atleast) that makes me think as much as Seths does. Today it is a post about hearing.

I had taken my car for service, same Maruti service center as before (estimate was 300 rupees), which ultimately turned out to be a "no job". The job sheet that was created for my car was no longer needed. I also wanted them to check a loose tube in the bonnet (the service engineer opened it, but did not see the tube), but they did not hear it. After the job sheet was junked, I told them to to take a look at the loose tube in the bonnet. The loose tube was caused by a broken coolant storage cap, which had to be changed. This cap cost all of INR 7 (1 USD = 45 INR).

Now the dilemma, they couldnt open a job sheet for 7 rupees especially after the first one was junked. So, I could bill it directly they said. The biller (why is this the least efficient in every place ruled by dinosaurs) said, he doesnt bill individual items (so, do I buy a thousand caps?). They bickered until someone came in and said,"Until this is a directive from XYZ, it can be billed" and the biller meekly complied. The mechanics are a good lot, but the billers suck.

If they had heard their customers instead of painting fancy Japanese slogans on their walls, billing would be far far simplified, bureaucracy would be lesser and customer satisfaction would improve.

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