Monday, March 06, 2006

Blogging at The Indian Economy blog

It has taken a while to get my brain started on this one. Writing at ones own blog is simple. It is like cooking at ones own home. You can mix and match, taste, add a little salt, stir it again and serve a Pav Bhaji while what you were trying was a Masala Dosa. The guests like what you offer and arrive for more.

Writing at an other blog, especially one like Indian economy is, in the above analogy, like a promotion to a chef at a restaurant. Not only is the name of the post (dish) important, every thing that goes into the post (dish) is important as is the presentation (garnish).

It has taken me some days to move from the right side of that blog on the list of guest contributors to the main side with a post.Now you know why. Here are the two posts that I posted there. 1, 2.

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kavithaponmalar said...

Do you think Indian Economy has Started to Recover from Global Financial Crisis?

A) Yes

B) No Still in Decline

C) Can