Sunday, March 19, 2006

Electricians and literacy

Many weeks back I had posted a question on how can one design for illiterate people or how to overcome differences in language in terms of signage etc. Usage of standard colours, symbols immediately comes to mind. This question came to me some time back when I saw an electrician at work. It would be safe to say that an electrician in India is just above the rank of an unskilled labourer. Not in terms of his skills, but in terms of the way he learns the tools of the trade. Most electricians work in electrical shops and learn the tricks of the job, on the job.

They are not really familiar with wiring diagrams or circuits, indeed they know little beyond the red, yellow, blue and black. The beauty of the electrical wiring is that it is so easy to know, that makes it so easy for electricians.

Like the green dot, it is another way of communicating without the dependency of language.

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