Thursday, March 16, 2006

Electricity bills on the spot

The march of handheld smart small technology has improved electricity billing in Bangalore. Of late, electricity bills are no longer in the old paper format. They are generated by a small handheld machine like credit card authorization printers. This thing prints out smaller bills on thermal paper on the spot, at the point of consumption itself. An inspector visits the site, enters the meter reading (or perhaps reads it via barcode - am not sure of this) and prints bills on the spot. So, we get our bills faster and without error. Because of the drudgery of the field visits for inspectors, earlier, metering locations used to be visited once in two months. So, one month you got the actual bill while the next month you got an estimation and in the third month arrears were adjusted. You can even receive the bill via SMS (text message).

A simple piece of equipment has reduced the process into a much more cleaner and smarter process that is more convenient. BESCOM is one organization that seems to be doing more to bring efficiency into its operations. Now how about getting electricity distribution right?

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