Friday, March 31, 2006

Looks are not everything

Well, we all know that dont we? But this post is about how sometimes aesthetics scores over functional value - and with disastrous effect.

Most new buildings in Bangalore have a weird arrangement of sliding glass doors and iron grills. The grills are inside and the glass is outside. Why? So that the building looks good from the outside. But if anybody has lived in Bombay, they would know that this arrangement is always better the other way round. Why? Because when kids play galli cricket, your grill saves your expensive sliding door glass 9 out of 10 times. Besides with the sliding window outside, it is tough to clean the glass by putting your hand through the window grill.

Many places I know have a terrace cafeteria. Curvy lines, arches, parabolas and what not dominate these roof top structures. Only, many a time they accumulate a lot of dust given Indias tropical dusty nature. And many a time they are made of fibreglass or equivalent plastic material that heats up (almost like a greenhouse). So, your canteen is a hot sweaty place that makes cafeteria food look worse that what it is.

In order to make their buildings/structures look grand/elegant, architects often add a gargoyle here and a column there which surely makes the building look good, but then, whats the point if it does not add any functional value or worse, becomes a hindrance in the day to day utility or accumulates dust? More on this too some other time.

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Patrix said...

I totally echo your thoughts. i have always believed that Form follows Function.