Thursday, March 30, 2006

NDTV, Genpact media outsourcing

Just chanced upon this report in The Hindu Businessline that NDTV and Genpact (formerly GE) have created a joint venture for media outsourcing.

Business process outsourcing company Genpact (formerly GE Capital International Services) and broadcaster NDTV have announced a 50:50 joint venture to offer media outsourcing services to enterprises worldwide in areas such as editing, digitisation and closed captioning.

Familiar as I am with outsourcing, this is news to me...

"Currently 70 per cent of all media work is digital and virtually 70 per cent of this can be outsourced. In some ways, the media world is currently at an inflection point similar to the Y2K phenomenon, as decades of analogue experience is being converted to digital from major process-based operations to high-end functionality," Mr Pramod Bhasin, President and CEO of Genpact, said at a conference.

Genpact, in its former avatar is the big daddy of outsourcing. NDTV, with Prannoy Roy is no stranger to the world of media. It is good to see both Genpact and NDTV break out of their respective businesses to create a new opportunity.

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