Friday, April 21, 2006

Are we really up there?

Or are we lower or are we actually higher in terms of innovation? Bruce Nussbaums post on China and Microsoft had this link with details on the Innovation scores in Businessweek.

He rightly observes that more R&D money is headed to India and China and by that measure (Is your company planning to increase the amount of R&D it conducts in ...), India, 44.4% is slightly ahead of China (44%). India is only slightly behind Europe (48.1%). But then again, those are tentative numbers at best.

I dont know so much about R&D, but I do know that we are quite good with our jugaad. It will be good for companies that invest here if we can apply our jugaad brains and our day to day experience with uncertainities into good R&D.

In India the spotlight has been all along in IT, BPO and other labour intensive sector. R&D is a niche, so to speak. It is less about numbers and more about high end talent, unless companies can groom good candidates to that level. If more R&D moves to India, I hope we see more academia industry interactions, more bright engineers/scientists staying on to pursue research careers in India. It is a self generating cycle if it is kick started in the right way.

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deepak said...

hi neelakantan.. this is a topic that i am overly interested in.. that even in academia, there shud be an incentive for doing research.. else, people wudnt do it for sure.. or rather, would lose motivation for doing research.. there have been initiatives regarding that in some ottappetta colleges in kerala, but none have really taken off..