Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gaming, serious? Really?

Well, heres this piece in Business standard that seems to think so or atleast wants us to believe so.

Xbox is pretty similar to Playstation and offers more or less the same technical specifications. Though officially not available in India, it has still created quite a stir among gamers in the country.

And it is still big, eh?

PS 2 has sold about 10,000 units in the country so far and is expecting to see an upward swing when PS 3 is officially launched. PS 3 is said to be one of the most awaited gizmos and should be launched in November 2006.

The sound of big. Ten thousand units. Check out the console wars section of wikipedia for some dope on whats big.

Gaming is niche, niche and niche. It is not mainstream, not yet. In a country where PC penetration is yet to be "big", I fail to see how gaming can be big. One thing that does have potential is mobile gaming and here too, numbers are low, as Rashmi rightly observed.

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