Friday, April 28, 2006

Hotels, serviced apartments

What is the difference between a hotel and a service apartment and where would you stay given a choice? A hotel you would say. But a hotel charges you more, a serviced apartment charges you less. Theres a kitchen in the service apartments, an ironbox and other conveniences that makes it living in your own house except that "room service" maintains the place in spic and span condition. Unlike a hotel where you cant wash your clothes, many serviced apartments provide washing machines or a dhobi who comes and does the clothes for a not so exorbitant price as the hotels. Some provide a refrigerator or microwave too. Now would you choose a hotel or an apartment? Well, depends.

Usually serviced apartments are preferred by the corporate sector. If you want to stay for longer durations, it is better from both the company and the employee - the company gets good rates, the employee feels like he is staying in a home and not in a hotel. Indeed many companies follow the serviced apartments model for their guest houses in various cities. They lease out a place, outsource the maintenance of it to an agency and a guesthouse is ready. It is far more cheaper than getting a hotel for employees.

The concept has not caught on in the non corporate sector though. The budget hotel segment would face good competition from a set of well maintained service apartments. Even upmarket apartments would meet most of the needs of the casual traveller. Wonder why it has not caught on in a big way.


Out Of Whack said...


Interesting point.Even in the corporate sector,service apartments are usually preferred for junior/middle level employees and when the stay is expected to be longer.Also,there is a huge variance in the service levels provided by different service apartments - and many-a-times,employees complain about poor service levels/quality.Along with this comes the issue of associating the company name with these service levels.Hence the apprehension of the corporate sector to embrace the concept in a big way.

Jose Anes said...

Price being equal, I prefer serviced appartments.

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Webmaster said...

Seems good!! Though the serviced apartments are more preferable than the hotels, but then they too depend upon the facilities provided by these serviced apartments.
It may happen, that due to less price, facilities are not up to the mark.
Overall, the concept is much better than those lavishly maintained hotels.