Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mahindra and Proton?

Business-Standard reports that Mahindra is in talks with Proton, a Malaysian government company for the possible assembly of its Scorpio and Bolero in Malaysia and perhaps a JV in India. Mahindra was earlier talking to Renault to bring its Logan to India.

Sources in the automobile industry said the proposed alliance would work towards the assembly of M&M models like the Scorpio and the Bolero in the Malaysian market.

“In addition, in India, M&M can look at the possibility of a joint venture with Proton on lines similar to Mahindra Renault, the company’s existing joint venture with French car maker Renault to manufacture and market the latter’s Logan cars in the country,” said automobile analysts in Mumbai

Proton has been losing market share due to limited market penetration, competition in the domestic and global markets, and a lack of new models.

I hope the reports arent true. Why oh why, does M&M look to tie up with fuddy duddies such as Proton and get zero appeal models like the Logan into India? For a company associated with the Scorpio, I am sure they can do far better than this. Stand on the shoulders of giants.

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