Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I was reading this post at Emergic on MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operators. And very soon found a wikipedia link too. Heres what Wiki says:

A mobile virtual network operator is a company that does not own a licensed frequency spectrum, but resells wireless services under their own brand name, using the network of another mobile phone operator. The first was Virgin Mobile, launched in the United Kingdom in 1999.

Naturally, the question I ask is, is there space for an MVNO in India? For those who think MVNOs is an alien concept, it is almost akin to the private "Travel agents" who dot our shopping landscape. They dont own a single bus or seat, but sell the seats, tours and journeys.

I think theres space for an MVNO here. A someone who can provide roaming, niche services (what - I dont have an answer right away), perhaps industry specific or cluster specific services. The only catch is perhaps in getting technology across CDMA and GSM spectrums - which again may not be a catch.

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