Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Phase out in cars

Hindu Businessline reports that some cars may be in the phase out mode.

Maruti Zen, Opel Corsa and perhaps the Hyundai Accent too according to the piece. None of these cars are currently setting the market on fire, though the Accent is doing reasonably well. Zen, of course, is a one time hit in the market that has seen a few rebirths, but now faces declining sales as well as many competing cars from its own parent company's stable.

For a country thats yet to recover from the Ambassadors and Premier Padminis - two cars which are churned out even today in the hope of fooling a few buyers, this is good news. Toyota phased out Qualis, which really was the first car which was doing very well and was phased out. This was unheard of in this part of the world. True, a few companies have pulled out other models but they were never as high selling as the Qualis.

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