Friday, April 21, 2006

Start writing on really thick paper... case the government goes ahead and does this.

or Use thick envelopes.
Write on blocks of stone/bricks.
Send mails with newspapers wrapped around.
Send 300 printouts instead of one.

The government sure has muddled priorities. There are efficient private couriers who pick up letters at your doorstep and deliver at whichever doorstep you want the next day, so why should I depend on a service that offers no guarantees, money back or any other facilities. In fact, I dont even know if there is a post office near my home or office. The courier guys have made it redundant. So, the way for both these guys to grow is grow via customer service not legislation.

Now it is a mandate for courier companies to not carry letters that weigh below 300 grams. Tomorrow if you weigh less than 300 kgs you will have to travel by Indian (Airlines) or I would have to use BSNL if I talk for less than 30 minutes at a time.

Why doesnt the government try and get going on bijli, sadak and paani instead?

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Madhavan said...

The govt needs money for bijli sadak and pani and gets money from these...The courier services service only profitable routes while the govt has the universal service obligation.But i do admit the service leaves much to be desired...