Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tomorrows Industries: Tata group

This one is from Business-standard. The Tata group has identified industries that will power the future.

The Rs 80,000-crore Tata Group has identified infrastructure, real estate, bio-fuels, wind power, retail, food, groceries and home improvement as new growth areas.

As a part of its globalisation process, the group will also explore opportunities in Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Latin America and West Asia.

Tata is learnt to have explained to senior executives of the group how this annual event had, over the years, dwelled on areas like enhancing group shareholding and common identity, domestic leadership across companies, world-class products and services.

This year, the theme of the annual ritual was innovation
(emphasis mine) and growth in new areas

Elsewhere the article does say that the Tata group declined to comment. In any case, the industries they have identified are pretty much the industries of the future as agreed by most thinkers/analysts/bloggers today. Would be interesting to see how they go about doing it.

Innovation is now perhaps the single biggest fad every corporate wants a piece of. More and more companies are talking about it.


Raja said...

More and more companies may talk about it but goodwill...tata is the one company which has a goodwill among the public.

Anonymous said...

when i think of entrepreneurship, risk taking and investing huge amounts for ambitious projects reliance is the company that comes to my mind...i agree that the tatas have lots of goodwill, ethics and are judicious but at the same time they are risk-averse...