Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Best Garage - My TVS

I had compared Indias IT services to a fictitious garage, "Best Garage" in a post a while back. I happened to read about My TVS recently - I thought it was a new service, but I now realised that it has been in existence for a short while.

My TVS was slated to be a place where one can get cars of all makes serviced with emergency road assistance. They were also slated to help buyers with used cars.

I could not get the link to the recent piece where I read about this, but it is an interesting business model since there is no single chain of "garages" or "automobile workshops". Whats interesting is that it has not come from a manufacturer of cars, but from a group known for its automobile accessories. It is also interesting because in my analogy, I had compared Indias IT services companies to a service of this sort in the automobile industry. I did not know then that a similar service existed in the automobile industry in India. Any idea how they are doing?


Anonymous said...

I would love to know how they are doing or even if they do! For a company that lists 24/7 customer service helpline as a core discipline they are remarkably elusive to find, contact in case one wanted to be a customer.

Aranganathan said...

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