Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cargo cult science

Link from Seth Godin on Richard Feynmans "Cargo Cult science".

Reminds me of Navi Mumbai some years back. Navi Mumbai was supposed to be a magnet for those who wanted to be in Bombay and Belapur was supposed to be its CBD. Except that for atleast 10-15 years, it was anything a Central Business District. It was a forgotten piece of landscape, with empty streets and buildings with a haunted look about them. In form, it was the Central Business District, but in reality, it was nothing. But later on, the government did a few right things and Navi Mumbai is bustling.

And then again, Pakistan is trying its best to build a Bangalore out there.

The full piece of the Cargo Cult science is here.


Patrix said...

Planning Navi Mumbai was a classic example of putting the horse before the cart. The intentions were noble, the implementation was not. Now, it is simply the idea whose time has come.

Niti Bhan said...

Your seth godin link is incorrect. you need to use the permalink I think