Friday, May 12, 2006

Coffee times

Coffee, something that Bangalore and most of Southern India starts its day with. Yes, you can argue that there are those who start their day with tea, but I refer to many Sagars and other fast food restaurants that serve coffee to the millions who throng there.

Between 3 to 5 rupees, one can get some tremendous coffee. Chennai is probably the only place where one can get similar quality coffee (and I mean, the filtered, South Indian coffee). No fancy schmancy Italian brewing machine, no instant coffee, no pour-in-a-packet-into-boiling-water contraption can match this filter coffee.

As you walk in and hand over your coupon (most of these places are self service), he picks up a tumbler davarah combination. With a deft twist of his expert hand, the coffee operator (!) lets a big droplet of the decoction fall into the barely thimble sized tumbler. Then, he stirs the milk pot which has fresh boiling milk (often mixed with sugar), with a big ladle and lets about half a foot of milk into the decoction laden cup. The coffee hangs over the tumbler ever so precariously as you balance it and carry it to your table and enjoy it with hot vada or whatever.

The Cafe coffee day on the other hand sells ambience more than coffee. For about three times (or more) the price of a regular cuppa (and double the quantity), CCD (and Barista et al) also serve coffee. The Latte, Cappuchino and other variations are sold, apart from the ambience and snacks (not value for money, IMHO). Overall CCD coffee is pretty good, no complaints about quality but as a total satisfaction experience, I am a partial to the Sagar variety of coffee and the snacks on offer. Plus the fact that Sagars charge me for the function and not the gloss.

As my costing professor used to say, "When you buy Lux (soap), remember that you are paying for Madhuri Dixits advertising expense also apart from the cost of the soap."


Nikhil Narayanan said...

I agree in totality.
I would prefer a Sagar type kaapi when Im alone or with a few..
When the intention is to spend a good time with frnds, I would not mind a CCD or a Barista.
The "value for money" fact(or) abt CCD et al,ya even I tell myself that I am paying for the ambience(includes charging cell phones in CCD:p) and not just the coffee...

the said...

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