Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mithun and an eye for investment

What would you do, if you had tons of money and the wish to produce a film? Who would you cast as your hero? Heroine? What would your story be?

How about a Bengali film starring Mithun Chakaborty? How about a story with Mithunda in the lead as a person who takes on the corrupt political establishment and wins? And I am talking 2006, not the 70s or 80s when Mithun was a big star.

Depends on your objective. If you want to double (or whatever) your money, you would look at Srikant Mohta. MLA Phatakeshto, is the movie in question. If you were an investor, you would be very happy to know the business it has generated.

The film — MLA Phatakeshto — is a super hit, grossing Rs 3 crore in three weeks. Its producer and distributor, Shrikant Mohta of Shree Venkatesh Films, believes that by the time it bows out of the theatres, it will have collected Rs 8-9 crore, quite unprecedented for a Bengali film.

The classic case of doubling your money on penny stocks (Bhojpuri film boom), while the blue chips (Bollywood) get their 20-30% return on a huge outlay.

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