Friday, May 19, 2006

Predictive text and education?

Each time I fiddle with the keypad of my mobile to write an SMS, it strikes me about the simplicity of the whole thing. The mobile keypad with its 1 (abc), 2 (def) and so on is as simple as it can get. Perhaps it can be simpler, but consider that you can use it for both number and text entry. What is more interesting is the predictive text.

So, if I were trying to write the piece of above text, all I do is keep pressing the related buttons and the word usually shows up. For example, for word, I press 9673 and I get word (wore, yore being the options). Similarly, if I want to type, I (4) will (9455-wilk being the other option) be (23 - a few options) late (5283 - laud and lave among the usable options) - the whole process is so simple. Perhaps a predictive keypad/reader with some modifications would be a boon to the those who are barely literate - especially adults - considering our day to day voculabulary and what we read is quite low.

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