Thursday, June 15, 2006

Malls and community

Our weekly visit to the wholesale vegetable market, roughly equivalent to a bazaar has taught me a few things and set me thinking a few times. On this weekends visit, I was thinking about the two or four odd vendors that we usually buy from. Since I am a regular customer, I get good quality vegetables, good pricing and even tips like, well, today tomatoes are of a very good quality. Does the arrival of malls and reward points and membership cards spell the end of the trading community in one way of another?

I am not a great fan of crowds (and thats an understatement) and I dont mind shopping in a comfortable place (well!), but having said that, there is an element of personalization in purchasing stuff from, well, a human, and not from a shelf in an impersonal way. Surely, bazaars can be cleaned up and organized better and they would give the best malls a run of their money (if they get their supply chain without middlemen in place).

The personal touch makes such a big difference in a lot of things, and on a similar note, as malls and online shopping picks up, are we slowly losing the, real, human, touch? Do we need it or do we not?

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Ritesh said...

Well i guess it depends...are you willing to compromise the personal touch for a lower price for your daily groceries....i think the mall/mass stores will probably offer a lower price point because they are able to get economies of scale...?