Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not a NICE thing to do

NICE, Karnatakas best known controversy and only real hope for a real expressway, unfortunately faces another speedbreaker. Now the state wants to take it over. If that happens, it will be beat the slowest flyover never built and it will be a ghost expressway that never got completed. Reports state that Karnataka is working on a law now, to "nationalize" this project. After having thrown a thousand roadblocks and fined by the Supreme Court,

The court not only slapped a Rs 5 lakh fine but told the state it had “malafide intention” when it appealed a Karnataka High Court ruling which favoured continuance of the project.

they are now trying this.

In a bid to defy the Supreme Court go-ahead on the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project (BMICP), the Karnataka government plans to bring in a Bill that will allow the state to take over the country’s first private infrastructure project from its implementer, the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE).

Looks like another Enron-DPC in the making. The update is that the government will only take over the "excess land". If that fails, then well, watch out.

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