Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Outlook Business

The Hathaway group has launched Outlook Business (not online yet) thus growing their stable from the weekly newsmagazine Outlook, Outlook Traveller, Outlook money etc.

The business magazine space in India is relatively uncrowded. Heres who make up that space. Theres a doughty Business India, (without online presence) which I think focuses more on data than on insight. Theres Business Today, (online only for print subscribers) a glossy that is high on jargon and glamour. Theres Businessworld, (free online for Indians?) until a few years back, an also ran, that reinvented itself into a weekly magazine and with considerable success too. I have found Business world to be the best of the lot for its crisp stories and occasional insight.

So, what does Outlook Business look like? Outlook magazine stole India Todays thunder by going weekly. In the Business space, Outlook Business is a fortnightly, thus avoiding competition with Businessworld. I read two issues - one on infrastructure and one on the Global Indian story. The magazine has pieces written by some eminent writers and has an eclectic mix of the serious and the "easy to read" stories. In my opinion, it seems to fit in a space between Businessworld and the other two- Business India and Business Today.

If you look at the magazine and their layouts from an end use perspective, heres what I have felt. Business India seems to talk like bureaucrats, Business Today seems to talk only to MBA students and wannabe CEOs while Business world seems to talk to the man on the street who wants to know about business - the real target audience. Outlook Business seems to be talking with a bit more depth than Businessworld though I am confused with its tagline - for decision makers.

Anyway, it is interesting competition in the business magazine space in India. Watch that space.


Anonymous said...

I read the first two issues. I felt that they were still unsure about their positioning. Though the cover articles were attractive, they lacked analytical depth. I would, at this point, remain a BW loyalist - even though it has slipped in the content quality. BT & BI are difficult reads for me unless they have some very compelling articles.

Paddy said...

While haven't read Outlook Business, I am a regular reader of its weekly current affairs magazine. Despite denials by its Editor Vinod Mehta, I think it smacks with anti-BJP articles/viewpoints, give or take a few.

I hope Outlook business maintains a unbiased opinion. I would rather read an ubiased magazine than the one which bashes a particular government.

Neelakantan said...

Yup, even I feel that BWorld content is slipping, but Paddy you know how Indian media is! Their biasedness is what they think their unbiasedness is....

Anonymous said...

GUys, there was an article about Budget Hotels in OB some issues ago...If some one can tell me which issue or how to get the transcript of the article, it will be a great help. PLs mail me on

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