Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sambar noodles

Well, it sounds as preposterous as Paneer Coffee doesn't it? But Nestle seems to think that a Dal Atta noodles with a Sambar tastemaker would be worth a try.

Many years back, Maggi was launched with, if I remember correctly a Masala, Capsika, Chicken and a Sweet Sour flavour. Only Masala and Chicken have survived today. They launched a Southern spice flavour (my mom smelt it and said - oh this is sambar powder) too which bombed.

The Sambar flavour of the Dal Atta noodles is exactly the Southern spice flavour - in a new avatar. Well, it tastes like you have mixed sambar in your noodles and it is quite spicy - but I am not sure if thats the taste people are looking for in noodles.

The interesting thing though is that Nestle is bold enough to launch Sambar as Sambar, not Southern spice and that is perhaps an acknowledgement of the fact that Sambar is as chic as Pizza.


Niti Bhan said...

I'll wait for the instant thali with hot papads, thanks :)

Though, what do you think about the 'sambar' version if they'd launched it with vermicelli noodles instead? Sort of like the quick upma/sambar taste?

Prasanth said...

When i was in Taiwan for a considerable period of time, i used to buy the instant noodles available, throw away the taste maker inside and use Sambhar powder instead. I liked the taste so much that sometimes i make noodles with Sambhar powder in India too. Maybe the idea is not so bad after all !!



Atuil Varaskar said...

Had em today it was one bloody torture in the end had to throw them away,absolutely pathetic i just couldnt eat em.seems the recipe was conjured up by a person who has no taste buds .I actually googled for someone who might be agreeing with me and i landed up here.gawd!!! that pathetic taste stil remains in my mouth as i type.

kaa said...

i have not tasted it but i like the fact that in the ad they have pronounced the word, "Saambaar", even if they write it as "sambar". I hate it when people pronounce "saambaar", as saambhar, or something similar.

Chand said...

I am a big fan of Maggi Sambar noodles. It brings the ethnic south India taste in Noodles. It tastes yummy.After having the noodles felt, now I need not worry for my breakfast or snaks.
enjoy the taste.