Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Schools and their names

Time was when a Christian name for a school meant quality. (It probably does even today, but anyway, thats another story.) In the locality that I grew up the most popular schools were Holy Family High School or St. Anthonys or General Education- English sounding at the very least, if not wholly Christian sounding names. Only a brave person would name his school Samaanya Shiksha (General Education, loosely translated) or even Pavithra Kutumb Uchch Paathshaala (Holy Family High School).

But if you thought that all the St.Pauls and the St.Peters were run by Catholic Christian organizations, well, be ready for a shock. There are schools, at least in Bangalore, for whom the name is just a brand - and may or may not mean anything beyond that. So, while choosing a name for my new school, if I cannot prefix or suffix it with International (and that means people expect a lot), I settle for a Christian sounding name!

Well, I was surprised when I heard it for the first time, but I am surprised that many people aren't.

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manoj said...

coem to pune. Putting a prefix of St. is common . St.Mira's is an old institution with good repute.
But i was surprised to see a school as St.Krishna's English Medium .

Another one Om Saints ala (All Saints)