Friday, June 02, 2006

Silicon Valley, Start ups

I found this link on Abis blog and I couldn't but resist commenting on it. Paul Graham has written two pieces on How to be Silicon Valley and Why start ups condense in America. Both are amazingly well written pieces with some incisive analysis.

From a Bangalore (often touted to be Indias Silicon valley) perspective, the first piece says that we can get there, if only someone did those few things necessary. While Silicon valley may not sprout right away, it will happen over the next few years.

In the second piece he talks about the reasons why startups condense in America. Some of the reasons are that America - is rich, has a large domestic market, allows immigration, is not a police state. Amongst the reasons listed out are "America has dynamic typing for careers" and "America is not too fussy (in terms of regulations etc.)" and "You can fire people".

The last two are things that the government has to do, but the point about dynamic typing for careers is a pertinent point. In India all too often, we dont see too much of dynamic typing happen (Thanks to the IT industry where all and sundry from economists and architects are employed - it is happening in a small way). Companies arent too open to give opportunities to those who have worked in "different" areas or even to those who show an entrepreneurial streak. Try applying for a tech job without too much training or qualification and you wont get as much as a response. Part of the reason is also that there are a lot of people in India, so it is quite difficult to not find somebody for a position. I mean, if you want someone who wears blue glasses, works on pink mainframes - you would actually find a few, which leaves the door closed for those who wear green glasses but want to work on pink mainframes.

I wish this would change though!

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