Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thinking out of the box - Power

The power situation in India is not great. Leave alone Six Sigma, we would be at half sigma if someone measured all the power cuts, scheduled and unscheduled. This has led to companies, apartments running their own power generation systems as a back up to the electricity supplied by the electricity boards. CII in Pune has shown how an out of the box solution can be arrived taking the above two into considerations. Gaurav had blogged about it when this proposal a while earlier, but now it looks like it has taken off.

The idea is as follows: (from the piece linked above)

The project, initiated by the CII, will see more than three dozen captive power plants generating power to do away with the planned load shedding that has plagued industry and citizens at large over two years now.

The unique project will see the participating industrial units generating and consuming their own power during the peak hours, thus freeing the MSEDCL grid, which will supply the surplus to consumers, liberating them from the grips of planned load shedding. Industry majors such as Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, Wipro, Infosys and Cummins among others will, between them, produce under 100 MW of power under the new scheme.

For instance, since the MSEDCL was in no position to pay back the industrial units the operational costs of running its CPPs, it is raising the required Rs 170 crore plus by imposing a reliability charge of 42 paise per unit from subscribers consuming more than 300 units per month.

More power to such ideas.

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Nilu said...

Isn't there some law that limits the generation of power by individuals (private players for their personal consumption)? Because I remember some 'Engineering Economics' Prof telling me this in undergrad. Was he wrong or has the law changed?