Monday, July 17, 2006

Broadband and computers

As I called up Airtel (my broadband service provider) for yet another issue, it turned out, as it has more than once previously, that the issue was with my machine and not with their service. Airtel has perhaps one of the most efficient broadband service in Bangalore and their service engineers are good. They nail the problem pretty quickly and when it comes to replacing modems - they do it without cribs.

I was talking to this engineer yesterday and I realised that rather than go to my computer vendor, I would rather that Airtels service engineers fix any problem on my machine. I think that Airtel can spin off their service as a separate venture and while fixing issues on their broadband, also offer to fix home PC's - for a fee of course. Currently, the home PC service market is serviced by fly-by-night vendors, fake components among other things. Perhaps this is a market opportunity for all broadband service providers. Like all proverbial markets, it is not an easy market to service, but if they can figure out how, it may well lead to something.

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