Sunday, July 02, 2006

Businessworld on Indian innovation

This weeks Businessworld is a special on Indian innovation (registration required).

Some of the products featured are the Tata Ace, Trichy police (for community policing), ITCs e-choupal (which is my personal favourite) etc. which are quite nice to read about.

My personal view on Indian innovation is that Indians are innovative with their jugaads, work arounds for everything. Rural innovation is something we have always been proud of. But our companies can be a lot more innovative. Some of it is a hangover from the earlier era of protected markets and licences, but we have seen that more competition (like we have seen in the IT/telecom/broadband sector) can spur innovation.

Perhaps all the government needs to do is open up and let more competition in. Especially in the education (which is in dire need of some reform), energy and infrastructure spaces.

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