Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Co branded store

Co branding is not new, but this particular co branding in a store took me by surprise. A shop in Bangalore is a twin shop for GK Vale (a well known chain of photo studios in Bangalore) and Sony (yes, the Sony). One of the GK Vale studios in Bangalore doubles up as a Sony Showroom (I believe, only cameras and related stuff) too. This store is near a perpetually jammed traffic intersection, so I have observed it only from the road, never been inside.

GK Vale is a service provider, while Sony is a product manufacturer. You can be pretty sure you wont see a GK Vale camera anytime soon nor a Sony Studio. The co branded store makes sense from Sonys perspective since GK Vale sells a range of digital cameras from all manufacturers. But if the GK Vale outlet only stocks Sony products (cameras), then its not a great situation for their customers. But I thought it was a nice new experiment.

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