Sunday, July 16, 2006

Is the customer a fool?

Recently my friend placed an order with Domino's pizza - a home delivery order. According to their scheme they have 3 coke free with every large pizza (or likewise). So for an order of 4 large pizzas the team should have received 12 cokes. One they received 11. As if they couldnt count. Two, the bill is as complicated as it can get. First they subtract each coke against each pizza, then they add it back at the end. In this case, they subtracted 12, but added back only friend spotted it and pretty much 'snatched' a coke, but this is not the first time.

On numerous occassions with both Pizza Hut and Dominoes, I have found that the delivery person says, "Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to get 3 cokes (usually a small number)". Since its a large order, typically we tend to forget, but when I saw this particular bill it set me thinking. Is there some small scam going on? Or is it that some establishments take customers for granted. I have seen that double checking the bill in some restaurants usually leads to some thing extra that has been charged for for either something we did not order or something we cancelled the order for.


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arun said...

A "vada" is usually attached with "Ghee Dosa". :D