Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai - the day after

A day after yesterdays dastardly cowardly terror attack on suburban trains, the newspapers carry the same inane headlines. They were an attempt at disturbing communal harmony, Mumbai has a human resilient side and blah. Mumbai is my favourite city, having spent all but my last few years there and it hurts to see the city (and country) being shortchanged and sold out to terror like this.

The Prime Minister has vowed that the fight against terror will continue and we will win. I do not see any signs of a fight - I havent seen any sign of a fight against terror in India except one that is reactive. Statements are read out by politicians behind bulletproof screens to television cameras. I do not see how we will win as we keep losing hard working citizens who were going home after they daily work or citizens who show up at temples to pray or at markets to shop. We seem to be cowering in fright. This is not the first time Mumbai has been targetted and this wont be the last. Nay, there will be yet more attacks in more cities across the country and we will get to hear more "statements on fighting terror" and very little real action.

The way we are trying to eliminate the terror tree is by cutting one leaf after another. We will never win unless we cut the tree and pry away its roots. We know who they are, but we will arrange more buses and make our borders to the west and east ever more porous. The warning signs of such an attack was always there, but then you, know, we are Indians, in the guise of self restraint, our leaders, are, perhaps, really spineless.

If this doesnt spur us into action, perhaps nothing will...

Update: A brilliant piece by Saisuresh Sivaswamy - do read it


virginiarebel said...

I feel the need to express the helplessness that I am feeling right now, with all the things that are going on in Bombay.
Be it the ridiculous way in which rains can make life a living hell for the common citizens or the fact that all terrorists seem to want to make a point at the cost of the lives of simple people like you and me.
why can't they make a statement like this against the politicians, who are forever safe and sound with their millions of bodyguards and the like.They just have to sit there and offer 1 lakh in compensation!!! Compensation for what??!!?? Is this the price we have to pay for being a Democracy? Where parties can wreak havoc just beacuse a statue ( a statue I tell you and not a actual living person) has been allegedly soiled, and where everone just gets off with saying Bombay is resilient and bounce back from everything that is thrown at them.
For how long will this go on? I am tired - tired of being responsible towards the nation and its wellbeing. For a change I want the nation to be responsible for all of us here in Bombay.

A tired citizen of Bombay..

Venks said...

Shocking, no not the acts , but the reactions to them.
Mumbai resilient - my foot...its the most numbing city on earth. Death is a way of life, how short can our memories be.

Who bombed Sarojini market in Delhi, what happened to the Bangalore attack, no arrests. A few days of shouting and remonstrating and then back to business.

There is no value to life. I cry my nationality out loud till i am hoarse ,but really what do I get in return. A lakh in compensation if I die including infinite red tape for a family that tries to get the money.

Why do I still cling on to my patriotic license ?

As a nation I need blood, I need the blood of the terrosists who have and continue to kill thousands of innocents. Look at the American reaction to 9/11, they uprooted two governments in Afghanistan, razed the country that harbours terror to the ground. Atleast show some reactive intent. Stop these inane statements.

No more talking to Pakistan, we dont want their land, the terror camps should be invaded and wiped, we dont want anything to do with Paki's.

There is no meaning in going on like this.Uproot the terror tree in all its forms. Death is no alternative for a country as big as ours.

Refresher course
Mumbai, srinagar, sarojini market delhi, varnasi, bangalore, mumbai again, sleeper camps in hyderbad maybe chennai, daily bombings in many more do we need.

not one of these incidents have been solved, only generic statements issued.

Anonymous said...

One suggestion - How about a nation of 1 Billion people going to the western border.. stand on top of a mound - pee and come back. Pakistan will be flooded out of existence.

Dev Desai said...

what actions are you talking about exactly? remember that there are people living on the other side of the border, not single-minded terrorists out to get us!

Neelakantan said...

What can be done? Certainly very basic stuff...

1) Destroy their camps in India to begin with which has not been done?
2) Pressurize Pak to give up the terrorists who live comfortably in their cities (remember our most wanted list?)
3) Check the flow of terror money from across the border or from so called charities
4) Bring back POTA
5) Be really really tough on the border on the terrorists who we end up chasing; hot pursuit
6)And make no difference between those bomb our cities and those who give shelter to them...