Friday, July 21, 2006

Smart and dumb cooker

It started off as a comment at Perspective, but I think a full post is justifiable here. Prestige of TTK had launched a cooker by the name of Smart some time back. The cooker had some sort of unique design of a switch on the lid for the steam and that was part of the trouble. Our "Smart" cooker gave us enough trouble and last week we exchanged it for another cooker, for which we got a nominal amount back.

The question is, how do companies treat a "failed" product like this? In India recalls are far and few in between. So, while the Smart cooker seemed like a smart idea, it was a total failure in the kitchens - and it was not due to mishandling. Either the switch gave way or the ring or something else. While, we are all for innovation, we would really expect that the company compensate customers who have bought into their "innovation" and tested and pronounced the failure of the product. The company on its part has discontinued the production of the "Smart" cooker for now.

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