Monday, July 24, 2006

Talk on creativity - Sir Ken Robinson

This is a rather late link to the presentation at TED talks by Sir Ken Robinson which I got from Presentation Zen. It is an amazing presentation in itself and I found myself listening to the talk more than once in the last few days.

Sir Ken talks about creativity, education, creativity in education, the recognition of multiple intelligences - the sameness of the educational systems all over the world (this would quite a surprise to those who hammer only the education system in India). He talks about today, even without a degree, people can get jobs and do well in life. But really, what I say does little justice to the video, so do take a look at the video.

In ancient India, there used to exist gurukuls which taught only dance, only music, martial arts, the vedic chants and so on. In the olden days we had a different educational "system". We actually have small remnants of the same even today. Perhaps Nrityagram is an example, perhaps some vedic schools are examples. I am sure there are many others, but I dont know of too many of them.

Perhaps, as a nation to use Sir Kens words, we have educated ourselves out of creativity.

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