Sunday, August 06, 2006

The end of cookbooks

I saw a cookbook recently at a friends place and I wondered if anybody still buys them. Well, they may soon be antiques.

Will blogs signal the end of cookbooks was the instant thought that came to me? Today in The Hindu there is an article about learning to cook from the net.

The thought recurred as I looked the Indian blogger rankings and you will see that throughout the top ten there is a garnish of, well, food blogs. The ranking might not be accurate, since all blogs are not registered here, but it is indicative and fairly so.

The web was the first shot at cookbooks, those glossy and shiny books with a recipe on one side and a "finished product" photograph on the other. But with the web came constraints like register, membership and premium access. Blogs have fired the second salvo on cookbooks and perhaps this is a stronger one. I havent read too many cooking blogs, but have scanned a few here and there and most of them are quite informative and make cooking appear easy (well, it is) and even fun. So, the next time you want to learn a recipe or prepare something in an instant, just log on to the web and read it from a cook blog.

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