Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The evolution of ads in India

A good series, (to be continued) from the DNA website.


...This era started somewhere in the 1950s and lasted a long, long time. Early ads were like elementary school lessons: often using one of the most effective learning methods, “Show-and-tell”.

...Sometime in the mid 1970s, an ad featuring a young girl in two-piece green bikini, enjoying a titillating shower under a waterfall created history. Three generations later, this original Liril ad is still etched in public memory.

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Anonymous said...

actually the wills filter cigarette ads of th 60s were a landmark.

also, a shirt making company came up with a memorable ad at the same time. you had a pretty woman, with two men going to duel over her. she had this anguished look on her face and the caption was 'this duel is futile, as both the men were wearing her favourite suiting etc etc. '