Friday, August 25, 2006

Now or never

Not the typists express, nor the Gulf job boom, nor the American bodyshopper dream or even the wave of students going over abroad to study - what is the real swinger for India?

It is Indias IT services industry and how we leverage it for Indias overall development holds the key to the future. With about 13 lakh (1.3 million) employees, it is still a drop in the ocean, but there are many who believe that this industry will be crucial for India to find a place in the strong, developed, advanced and influencing nations of the future.

I think so too. Do you?

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phantom363 said...


i.t. is a good place to start. the overall development of a country is measured in terms of the standard of living of the average man. china, inspite of its humungous growth, still has the bulk of its population as peasants, with a standard of living not much better than our poorest. it is the size of this huge underclass that decides on the wealth of a society. our challenge is to build a broad based middle class, whether it be leveraged on i.t. or manufacturing or services or all of them. to do so quickly would require a visionary government (like china's). to do so ultimately, ie blunder into it through default, is the time honoured indian way. do you think we will change the way we are governed? :) :)

ps.. sorry, but i could not help ending this note with a question just like you did! :)