Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cooking gas dealer

The cooking gas dealer, in the 80s was the worst kind of shop to go to. First there was a perennial shortage of cylinders and that meant one had to wait for weeks before one got a replacement. That meant consumers calculated "the number of days the cylinder would last" and booked it in advance leading to some hilarious situations. The dealers were non cooperative at best as were the delivery men and there too with some "speed money" cylinders were delivered when you wanted. The dealer was usually an office with a few tables and consumer cards lined out in stacks and the most unfriendly employees. All in all it was a pain.

Today with competition, cooking gas dealers offer tele booking, delivery at your convenience (including Sundays) and of course everybody has two cylinders, so even if there is a shortage it is not as pronounced. Many of the fuddy duddy dealers are revamping themselves.

I saw, yesterday, a government gas agency dealer who has a Faber showroom within his dealership. Pretty smart positioning if you ask me - only that not too many visit the dealer unless it is for a new connection...in which case it still is a smart move.


Anonymous said...

its indeed a smart move. i remember in Pune when i went to a dealer for a new connection , i was forced to take a stove alongwith the connection . else no connection.. how i got the connection without the stove is another story.

atleas having a faber connection will gie the customer some choice as aginst restricting the choice to old socilistic 2 -burner / 3 -burner made from stainless steel that too in blue or green color

ajay said...

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dheeraj said...

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