Friday, September 29, 2006

ET interview with Mukesh Ambani

Quite an insight into the mans mind. Some nuggets, but read the full piece for a peek into Reliance:

My ultimate aim is that the management team should become venture capitalists. Today, we train people. The idea is to bring guys out from school and bet Rs 5 crore on each of them, challenge them to make a 20% return on capital. That can produce returns from day one.

For us, size is not our focus; our main focus is, where is the value generation: where can we go ahead and generate value, how can we scale that up to the peak, and what kind of competencies do we require. Our view is that if you chase some aim — like I want to be x billion by such time, it is unlikely that you will get there. (Thats food for thought for the IT companies)

When people talked about the media, it does not matter if Rupert Murdoch comes in; he is creating employment for young boys and girls. These kids would have not been employed if we had only Doordarshan and there would not have been a satellite TV industry.

We had conversations doubting whether we can we hit 600m; can we really go to all 6 lakh villages. But in ’06, nobody has any doubt — were it not for the Reliance initiative, the acceleration in telecom initiatives would not have come. We build competencies — within Reliance, we had to develop radio engineers or consumer marketing guys.

In terms of global benchmarks, Exxon-Mobil is worth $300bn, while Wal-Mart is a $250-bn company; our own size in comparison is $20bn. We are pygmies in comparison.

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This guy carries the legacy of his father successfully - Hyper 'Growth is Life'