Sunday, October 29, 2006

Left or right?

As the proud owner of a new camera phone and looking forward to more blogs with pics attached, I set about exploring the new features of my phone. The PC synchronizing software has a nice swanky look to it, except that some strange reason, the boxes which appear to accept/reject or confirm/deny actions are counter intuitive.

For any normal, message box to continue or abort during an install, the rightmost box indicates acceptance and moving forward. The left box indicates rejection and moving backward. This hero of a software has all forward moving actions on the left. Why? I don't know, but I figured it out and ultimately managed to load the software onto the computer.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for you and your new camera phone.
Post pics soon!

observer said...

For a right handed person, which a majority of us are, it is easier to extend the thumb than to keep it close to the palm, when it comes to pressing keys. Assuming you make more right choices than wrong ones, I think the design is very ergonomic.

niti bhan said...

neelakantan, i'm currently having same trouble with phone currently - just arrived in new delhi - what model were you using?