Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Road to Wipro

To call the Sarjapur road a road would have been a pity a few months ago. But today, a few years after a former Chief Minister promised to double lane the road, the road is slightly better or so I thought. The road work in progress was happening for a long time. Only when I walked a few kms did I realise that the road has been widened only upto the Wipro corporate office. Right after that, the road is what it was a few months ago - a pockmarked, ditch ridden single ribbon of asphalt bordered by red soil.

Now there are two things. I dont know if Wipro has forked out money from its own pocket to improve the road, because the road (even till their office) was exactly as I described above, until recently. If this is the case, well, nobody is to be blamed. But if the government spent the money (taxpayers money), by laying the road right upto Wipro's door, it creates an impression that the road is only for IT. This will only serve to widen the gap between the IT and and other industries that these politicians exploit.

Infrastructure is a crying need in this place, but who will listen.

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