Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Scorpio as a status symbol

The Mahindra Scorpio seems to have replaced the Ambassador as a symbol of power. Earlier it was white Ambassadors that was the symbol of power. For a while pimped up Ambassadors with curtains inside and pretty bells and whistles outside were the symbol of "power". The white ambassador still retains some of its aura in the corridors of power, especially those with a red light at the top, but the Scorpio seems to be the vehicle of choice in many places. It has replaced the old Mahindra "jeep" by a long margin, as also the Ambassador.

The Scorpio with its muscular bumpers, flashy number plates, fog lights, at times suitably pimped up with chrome fittings, flags and whatnots is the new status symbol of sorts on Indian roads. The white Scorpio does beat the white Ambassador by a mile. The Pajero is, of course, the big daddy, but the Scorpio delivers well on this role.

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